When you decide you want the carpets & upholstery in your company, board room, meeting rooms, reception area, offices and high traffic areas to be steamed cleaned you need a company you can trust and who is reliable.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services will ensure than any individual or company requests are maintained on a high professional, high quality service. We are a well trained commercial carpet cleaning service with exclusive chemicals, equipment and techniques. Your appearance and maintenance of your business is valuable to us. 

We provide specialist out of hours services so that we don’t disturb your business. We have cleaned carpets in all types of businesses throughout

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Carpet Cleaning

Glinster Blink specialize in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery. The Wet Extraction method is used with quality chemicals for superior results. A pre-vacuum is done to ensure that all loose grime and dust is removed from your carpets/upholstery.

To maintain your carpets and office chairs have them cleaned at least every six months.

Commercial & Residential carpet cleaning should never be overlooked. When carpets are properly maintained, it helps to extend the life of one of your biggest business or personal investments.  

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Whether you have coffee stains or everyday dust and dirt, all type of carpets, industrial, office or home carpets need a little care and attention every six months.

Our professional carpet cleaning team first pre clean any spots and there after the carpets and or upholstery is steam cleaned with an industrial carpet and upholstery steam cleaning machine.

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